Faceit is a gaming platform that allows you to compete with more than 15 million gamers. Faceit provides leading competitive games and allows the players to participate in tournaments and compete with each other. The players can either play with their friends or can compete with available online gamers. The availability of games in Faceit is highly competitive and is more popular at the same time. Every player would like to test their competitive level while participating in the events. Faceit helps you to improve your gameplay and at the same time provides various other game-related services. Here we will tell you the requirements that are needed to create a Faceit account.


Creating Faceit Account

Creating Faceit Account doesn’t need any special requirements other than the basic stuff that every gaming platform requires. As Faceit is free to play games and making new competitive communities, many players come forward to create a Faceit account. Creating a Faceit Account is so easy. The important thing to note during the creation of a Faceit Account is ensuring the steam of the account. Current steam will help you to play better games. You can play as many games as you want in the same steam account. Every game in Faceit doesn’t need different steam accounts. Another primary factor to have a Faceit account is that the player should have completed at least 25 hours of gaming in the account that needs to be added to Faceit Account. If you are sure that your game account satisfies the above needs then you can easily create your Faceit Account.


How to Create a Faceit Account


To create a Faceit Account, first, navigate to the game settings. In that, select ‘Add Game’ and then enter the game that you want to play on Faceit. Then press Connect Steam. Once it is done, you will see a notification that says your game has been connected. Then, choose the right region in your game settings, and then it is done. You can start playing using the faceit accounts that you have created. Doesn’t this look simple? It is too easy to create a Faceit Account and you can start enjoying their services right then.