CSGO, a first-person shooting game that is so popular among game lovers. This game is highly competitive and the players are mostly stagnant in their ranks. When players’ ranks are stagnant for a long time, they will try for an alternative to increase their rank. Most players would try very hard to increase their rank whereas others who lack patience and wants quick leveling up, will seek an alternative. Using boosters is one of those alternatives. It can’t be counted as a cheat as the player plays his game along with the booster.

Types of CSGO Boosting Lobby

The boosting lobby in CSGO is of two types. First, the player who uses the booster will go with an extraordinary player or a professional player and they play their game. In this, the player and booster will be in a team and they will share their skills mutually. In this case, the professional player will help the other player to level up faster and assures a guaranteed win. Most professional players will create a separate account for boosting as a part of their service. Whereas few players will have a deal with the player in sharing the kills. If the other player gets more kills continuously than the boosting player, he will cancel the deal and kick the player out of their team. The player should be very cautious in selecting the cs go boosting service provider as many fraudulent service providers are out there. If you are found cheating with them, it will lead to the banishment of your account.

Bot Lobby

The second lobby in boosting is competing with the bot enemies. In this type, the booster will manage many accounts at a time and enter into a lobby that is full of bots. This booster will ensure that the map is a rarely used map by the players and hence the number of real players will be comparatively less. So, the chance of getting reported will be less and at the same time, the player can get an assured win as there are mostly bots in the lobby. These are the two types of boosting in CSGO and the player can choose wisely according to his comfort.